The beginning?

This isn’t the first time I have attempted blogging. When I studied abroad in Spain my Junior year of college, my mother convinced me it would be a good way to share my experiences with my friends and family. The total posts in that blog were three, making it an epic fail. I wasn’t about to post all of my drunken sexcapades out in the world for my family to read about, so eventually I forgot about it and gave my mother apologies.

I don’t know what came over me to start a new one. Maybe it’s the fact that my life is a hot mess and other people usually find my unlucky experiences funny. Or, maybe it’s that I just showed up to class an hour early and I’ve been on Pinterest for so long that I need something new to entertain me. You’re probably asking yourself why I showed up to class an hour early, but don’t worry, I’m asking myself the same thing. Yes, it’s the fourth week of classes and I should know what time my classes begin, but my brain is slowly deteriorating from the amount of wine I’ve been drinking to help cope with the stupid people I have to put up with everyday. This week has definitely put a toll on me, resulting in me sitting here starting a blog in this giant empty classroom.

I hope you aren’t getting the sense that I am some crazy, depressed college girl who hates her life and needs a place to vent. Because that is not it at all. I love my life! It is constantly filled with entertaining experiences that keep me on my toes and make the people around me laugh. So, if anyone is actually reading this, I will be writing to you in the future in hopes to give your day a nice chuckle. For now, my class is starting, finally!